YouTube Line Dance

You can find a lot of line dance instruction in many different places.

There are different methods of learning how to line dance. This can be done solely at home or with your friends. I’ve actually seen groups having classes at the park, at the beach and also in someone’s garage.

Here are ways and places where you can get instructions for line dancing steps.

Visit Google or check out your local phone directory for available classes in your community;

Read notes posted on bulletin boards at churches, malls or the supermarket for a post regarding a line dance class;

Go to a book store or music store. Buy a line dance video or DVD and try them at home;

Use your reliable search engine and type line dance step sheets, books, line dance videos online like the ones on YouTube;

Find a friend who knows how to line dance. They’ll probably be happy to teach you a step or two and bring you to their dance class;

If you’re attending dance classes, you must ask if they give line dance step sheets that you can bring home for practice.

No matter which method you choose to learn how to line dance, don’t forget to relax and just have fun.

A Typical Line Dance Class

There’s a building in Hawaii where I went for line dance instruction. The place was old and had a parking lot down the hill from the building. This ensured that I got good exercise. We got a bit of warm up before reaching the dance room!

The site’s main attraction was its wooden floors and wall full of mirrors, so that we can see our actions well. Our instructor could even see us when she had her back to us. This was a great way for us to follow her steps well, so that we could follow her movements.

Some people would come early to class for a little warm up, some chitchat and even practice a few steps that they were having problems with. At one side, there was a room for people who preferred personal instruction. Experienced dances were always very helpful to beginners.

As the class started, the instructor would play something with a slow tempo to get the class warmed up. Then it got faster bit by bit. There were some dances that we had learned before and needed to be refreshed from time to time. Then she’d continue by teaching us the dance we had to learn for the week. First, it would be done minus the music and the patterns would be taught step by step. She would do the steps again and again until we got a hold of the pattern.

Once the patterns were all learned, she would guide us through the entire dance, doing some counts until we got comfortable with the steps. After which, she played the music section by section. However, she wouldn’t use the actual song, but instead used one with a slower beat than the actual one. For the finale, we would perform the entire dance to the original music. This would be a done a couple of times until everything looked natural. She always reminded us that line dance step sheets were available as we left so that we could practice them at home, in preparation for the following week.

After that, we’d spend an hour doing what is known as ‘open dancing’. Favorite line dance songs would be played and all kinds of dancers, from beginners to advance would dance their hearts out. She’d also play an intermediate dance that beginners were not familiar with. This would allow the beginners to observe the more advanced dancers and be able to get some hints.

Sometimes, the class went out tonight spots together and performed spontaneous dances. This amazed the tourists due to the fact that the bands were playing Western music and people in Hawaii were line dancing rather than doing the Hula!